- Building STUFF -

I got some building project going on, this winter i trye to update this page.

  • 'Homebrew' CNC-Router machine
    Byilding my own CNC-Router (In Swedish)
  • 'Homebrew' Electrostatic hybride speaker system - Project 4
    Making a 'Martin Logan' inspired electrostatic hybride... (In Swedish)
  • 'Homebrew' 'Prototype' speaker system - Project 3
    The last speaker cabinet you ever need to build... (In Swedish)
  • 'Homebrew' Omnidirectional speaker system - Project 2
    The speaker is 'inspired' from the Carlsson/Sonab OA-116 famous speaker... (In Swedish)
  • 'Homebrew' Omnidirectional speaker system - Project 1
    The speaker is 'inspired' from the Carlsson/Sonab OA-5 Type2 famous 1970'th speaker... (In Swedish)
  • 'Homebrew' AV-Furniture for the Home Cinema Equipment
    Also an complete description of the system (In Swedish)
  • 'Homebrew' Portable 80meter Dipole
    Simple and light dipole antenna for the feild-day use.
  • HomeBrew 'AirCore' Balun 1:1 Transformer
    Made this 'AirCore' balun for use with a singe band portable 80M dipole.
  • HomeBrew Headset
    Made a homebrew headset for my ICOM rig today.
  • About building a 24 meter Steel tower... Only in Swedish!
  • Building a StepStart module for the PA.
    Decided to build an 'External' step start module to reduce inrush power when starting the PA
  • Building a PC2RIG Interface
    This is a complete SOUND / PTT / CI-V Level pc2rig digital mode interface.
  • A 'Scrap' DC Power terminal
    This DC power terminal is made from a 're-cycled' computer network hub
  • A 'Scrap' 'UV-Box'for Printed Circuit Board ('PCB') development.
    This is a simple way to 're-cycle' an scrapped PC Scanner
  • Simple How-TO make Printed Circuit Boards ('PCB') yourself. (Swedish Text)
  • Description of how i make Printed Circuit Boards
    On this page i try to describe howto make Printed Circuit boards from scratch.
  • Simple Load & Feed HowTo
    This pages is about HOW-TO Load and Feed your Antenna propper
  • The process of restoring a Hy-Gain TH-3 Multiband beam.
    A total make over on one 'Hy-Gain TH-3' 3-Band yagi antenna
  • Building a Silent Computer
    To have a quiet, or even silent computer in my shack has always ben a dream.
  • A FM-Broadcast station 1
    Trying to put together a working fm-stereo broadcast station on a small budget
  • A FM-Broadcast station 2
    A second attempt to put together a working fm-stereo broadcast station on a small budget (Swedish language only!)
  • Water-Cooled PSU-Unit
    Used in my silent Server @ Home.
  • WX-Computer 'The ugly one'
    Home Brew 700MHz Intel celeron computer is used for weather data and image capturing.
  • GPS Module experiment using Trimble Lassen GPS module
    Home Brew GPS receiver interface for GPRS positioning and more... .

- NEW Projects -

0(Zero) dollar
12volt 8Ampere switch-supply
Game PC
Gaming PC 2006
Home Theater PC
Home Theater PC project 2005

- OLD Antenna Projects -

2 element YAGI - Active11 (HB9CV)
6 element LOG-Periodic YAGI
5element YAGI
5 element YAGI
Dual Polarization X-YAGI
3 element dual polarization YAGI
Dual Polarization QUAD
3 element dual polarization QUAD
45/86m band dipole
2 band Trapped Dipole for 45/86 meter

If you find the ideas and information interesting,- Feel free to use it!

73 de sm2yer Goran

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